How To Last 20-60 Minutes Longer In Bed, Stay HARD Throughout and STOP Disappointing Your Partner

Even if you have an oversensitive Penis and nothing has worked so far.

David Russo
Sex and Dating Coach for men

Learn with my 5 Step Methode, how you can start lasting 20-60 minutes longer and stay hard throughout, so you don't disappoint your partner in bed anymore. All this within weeks, without using pills, sprays or using alcohol.

  • You will learn how you can last longer and stay hard even if you thrust in a fast and intense pace, without having to take breaks all the time.
  • My method works even if you have a highly sensitive penis or lose erection in the middle of sex or during round 2. All of this can be fixed quickly and easily.

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Client Results

"Simply sensational"
Alexander, 45 min


Before: ~0 min

After: 45-60 min

  • Sex Problem: Alexander's marriage was on the brink of collapse after 14 years. Reason: miserable performance in bed: 1) too short stamina, sometimes finishing IMMEDIATELY after penetration, 2)  weakening erections, 3) wife rarely reached orgasms and was visibly dissatisfied. 4) Urologists and psychologists were of no help, trying to put him antidepressants or numbing creams.
  • Solution: Consistent step-by-step implementation of the Lover Stamina system, targeted changes in lifestyle and sexual behavior, rounded off with personalized exercises.
  • Result: After implementing all modules and controlled practice of mental and physical techniques, Alexander's endurance time increased to 45 minutes "with clear potential for more - simply sensational"

"my girlfriend can't get enough of me now :D" 


Before: ~3 min 

After: 30 min

  • Sexual problem: Erection was "not strong enough" for good sex and the duration was too short (3 min max). Confusion about how to manage/plan sex with girlfriend.
  • Solution: Lover Stamina System implemented step-by-step, with targeted lifestyle changes and a focus on correct sex behavior and best techniques.
  • Result: Erection has improved drastically and endurance 30 minutes. Quote: "My girlfriend can't get enough of me now :D"

"I could have lasted even longer but she got too exhausted :D"


Before: 2 min 

After: 20+ min

  • Sexual problem: hyper arousal, too little stamina. Goal: being able to concentrate on his partner and enjoy sex without worrying too much about stamina.
  • Solution: Diligent implementation of the Lover Stamina system, learning selected relevant techniques, changing limiting beliefs, changing sex behavior
  • Result: now Joshua has his arousal under control and manages to last for 20 minutes or longer during sex (can go longer, but isn't necessary for his girlfriend).

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"..and she came again during penetration!"


Before: ~1 min 

After: 30 min

  • Sex problem: lifelong premature ejaculation (~1 minute), erection problems, every relationship fell apart, women didn't orgasm
  • Solution: In close contact with David, Florian implements all steps of the Lover Stamina program, learns all relevant mental and physical techniques until perfection, changes limiting beliefs and behavior during sex.
  • Result: Florian now started having multiple girlfriends, with whom he has long lasting sex, and is also giving them orgasms regularly.

"The sex is now really good; lasting between 20 and 60 min."


Before: ~2 min 

After: 60 min

  • Sex problem: no ability to control ejaculation, max 2 min lasting time, insecure during sex
  • Solution: Simon consistently applies everything from the Lover Stamina program, learns all physical and mental techniques to perfection, changes his behavior during sex
  • Result: Simon succeeds in eliminating his insecurity during sex and can now last 20-60 minutes during sex.

"..I can now keep going longer even at a much faster pace!"


Before: 2 min 

After: 37 min

  • Sexual problemsporadic, unexpected loss of erection, fear of failure and judgement, uncontrollable rapid arousal.
  • SolutionFast-track implementation of the Lover Stamina system (his girlfriend was coming back from vacation soon), personalized exercise plan, practising all relevant techniques and targeted changes to his behaviour during sex, maximizing sexual energy.
  • ResultDominik now always has a stable erection and increased his endurance time from ~2 minutes to 37 minutes on average.

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"no kidding I've lasted over an hour during sex . Your program is already worth every cent."


Before: ~2 min 

After: 60+ Min

  • Sex problem: cumming too early (2 min max), especially during real sex with a partner (3-5 min when masturbating).
  • Solution: Philipp follows the Lover Stamina program under my close guidance, learns to use all necessary mental and physical techniques in combination, eliminates his limiting beliefs and changes to proper male sexual behavior.
  • Result: After only a few weeks, Philipp now can last over 1 hour during sex with his partner thanks to the Lover Stamina program.

"...I was able to progress even further and increase my lasting time to ~ 30 minutes."


Before: 4 min

After: 30 Min

  • Sex problem: Detlev was finishing too early with his long-distance relationship and didn't know how to extend his lasting time during sex.
  • Solution: Detlev implemented all steps of the Lover Stamina program with feedback and changed his whole approach to sex. Despite initial difficulties, he successfully learned all necessary techniques and dramatically changed his behaviour during sex.
  • Result: Detlev now can last ~30 minutes during sex with his girlfriend, can relax during sex and fully enjoy the process.

"..had a VERY GOOD ERECTION yesterday [...] she came FOUR times. She claimed it was the best experience she ever had"


Before: weak erection & PE

After: 60+ Min rockhard

  • Sex problemMatthias would cum too early and "often couldn't get an erection" during sex, or lost it "after putting on the condom" so that penetration wasn't even possible.
  • Solution: Working closely with the coach, Matthias' sexual behavior was analyzed and fundamentally adjusted so that the problems no longer occurred. Unfavorable beliefs were eliminated and replaced with correct ones. Matthias also made targeted changes to his lifestyle, which contributed immensely to his success.
  • Result: Matthias succeeded in getting his rock-hard erection back permanently and regaining full control during sex. His girlfriend is speechless, quote: "She said it was the hottest thing ever. At some point we had to stop because she was just completely exhausted."

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I help men overcome premature ejaculation and erection problems and live a fulfilling sex life with confidence.

The goal of our coaching: enable you to give your partner LONG, INTENSE and satisfying sex.


  • Self-employed, business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Employees and trainees.
  • Men who want to improve and grow.

I've helped hundreds of men to improve their stamina in bed and to have over 5,000 unforgettable nights of sex with their partners over the last few years.


  • Developing a tried and tested system that will help you to last 10-60 minutes longer without pills or sprays and to have a hard erection without drugs.
  • No more disappointed partner after sex. No more fear of embarrassing yourself, being broken up with or cheated on because she is sexually unsatisfied.
  • Build a strong sexual confidence, so you can have the sex YOU want without the fear of disappointing your partner.

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About David Russo

David helps men overcome premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, so they can have a fulfilling sex life without fear of disappointing their partner.

In the last 10 years he helped hundreds of men to last longer in bed and improve their sex life. He specialises in getting rid of Premature Ejaculation and Erection Problems, because this is what holds back so many men and leads to frustrated bedrooms.

As a Premature Ejaculation himself, he knows the exact obstacles and frustrations his students will face & how to overcome them quickly & easily, so they can have long, intensive satisfying sex, without disappointing their partners.

He shows you how to last longer in bed without pills, sprays or getting drunk, without doing weird exercises and techniques that don’t work, without having to learn ineffective "tantric spiritual woo-woo sex techniques", even though all you want is last longer and thrust intensively and see the happy face of your partner after sex.

His method, developed over years of personal experience and coaching, focuses on the most important techniques, physical and psychological factors, that you need to have a high stamina and great erection. No exercises like "Start-Stop", the "Squeeze-Method", "Pelvic floor training" or similar ineffective nonsense that you probably tried out and it didn’t work.

Lasting longer and having a stable hard erection is easy, if you follow a proven concept that basically forces you to have great erections and high stamina step by step.

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