Can Hypnotherapy Cure Premature Ejaculation ?

If you have no control over your ejaculation, then it might feel like it has mainly to do with your mind. So you might assume that hypnosis can help. But can it ?


After reading this article (1 min reading time) you'll understand why hypnotherapy does not work for premature ejaculation and what you should do instead.

I'm David, an expert in all things stamina. I've been helping men overcome PE & ED since 2013, being a former sufferer myself. 

I did try hypnosis myself back then and I have clients who tried it. Both self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments with specialists. It never worked. The first time they saw real improvement in ejaculation control was after working with me and applying the 5 steps of my Lover Stamina System. You can read their testimonials and results here.

Alright, now let's talk why exactly hypnotherapy is rather useless for PE and what you can do instead.

Hypnosis and Premature Ejaculation

💡 First of all - what is hypnosis anyway? It is a state of consciousness, in which you are sort of half asleep and half awake. And when you’re in that state, the therapist can work with your subconsciousness, implant things, and ultimately change your psyche.

The idea of treating premature ejaculation with hypnosis dates back to the time when people didn't know what really caused it. 

It was wrongly assumed that premature ejaculation was purely a matter of the mind. It was thought that there was a psychological trigger process behind premature ejaculation that could be remedied by hypnosis.

Today, however, we know that in most cases the causes of premature ejaculation are genetic. Which is why hypnosis can neither alleviate nor cure lifelong premature ejaculation.

Hypnosis can be very useful in psychotherapy, no question about it. But premature ejaculation is not a purely psychological problem.

No matter how deeply you fall into hypnosis and no matter what the hypnotist tries to put in your subconsciousness - it will change nothing about your most likely genetic predisposition to premature ejaculation.

Such predispositions include, for example, unfavorable serotonin genes, which keep serotonin levels relatively low, making it difficult to control arousal and thus orgasm.

Hypnosis will not be able to rewrite those serotonin genes, no matter how hard you believe in this method. Highly professional geneticists have not yet managed to modify these serotonin genes, so how do you think is hypnosis supposed to do that? It can't.

There are neither any serious success stories from (real) premature ejaculators, nor studies that report on the success of hypnosis therapy for premature ejaculation.

Self-Hypnosis for PE

Obviously the same is true for self-hypnosis and premature ejaculation. It doesn't matter how you get into hypnosis and what you do with your subconscious mind - it can neither increase your serotonin levels, nor can it make the glans less sensitive.

Here's what Dr. Ian Kerner, PhD 1 had to say about self-hypnosis for premature ejaculation:

" Hypnosis recordings are marketed online as a premature ejaculation (PE) cure. Proponents say that listening to these CDs will help by tapping into your subconscious and suggesting that you last longer.

The bottom line: While there’s good research to support other medical uses for hypnosis, curing PE isn’t one of them. Plus the primary causes of PE don’t appear to be psychological. For best results, you need a combination of treatments."

And that's exactly what the latest research on premature ejaculation shows - it's primarily caused by your genetic blueprint and is not "re-programmable in the subconscious mind" through hypnosis. You need to go another route if you wanna start lasting 10-60 minutes longer in bed.

And as I mentioned already - I did try hypnosis myself back then and I have several clients in my Lover Stamina Program who tried it. Both self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy treatments. None of that ever helped in any way. Don't waste your time with it.

If not hypnosis, then what? Is there any permanent solution for Premature Ejaculation?

As you can see, hypnotherapy is just like homeopathy or acupuncture for premature ejaculation - a complete waste of time and money. 

But luckily you don't need it to last longer in bed. All my clients in my 5 Step Lover Stamina 1-1 Coaching Program do just fine and don't need any of that hypnotherapy woo-woo to start lasting 10-60 minutes longer in bed within weeks.

Premature ejaculation can have different causes - drug abuse, diseases, relationship issues, but most commonly it's just a genetic condition which can be dealt with easily.

If the cause is something like prostatitis (rare to be the only cause), then the solution is antibiotics and the solution is permanent.

If the cause is genetics - then the permanent solution is acquiring the necessary knowledge, techniques and changing your limiting beliefs and sexual behaviour in bed. Which is all part of my Lover Stamina 1-1 Coaching program. If you're interested in something like that and are serious about your love & sex life, then check out the testimonials here and become a part of it.

Last longer in bed without wasting time on fairy tales like Hypnotherapy

David, your Stamina Coach

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