3 Ways to Make Your Glans Less Sensitive (Penis Desensitization)

If you have premature ejaculation, then you probably also have a sensitive glans and are wondering how you can desensitize it.

I've already walked this path and I'll show you 3 ways how you can do it temporarily and permanently.

I'll also show you how much longer you can last by desensitizing your glans and what my personal experience is.

πŸ’‘ How can you reduce your penile sensitivity?

  1. Use a delay agent based on lidocaine, prilocaine or benzocaine (temporary effect).
  2. Low & Tight type circumcision with complete removal of the foreskin and frenulum (permanent desensitization but no delaying effect).
  3. Denervation surgery - severing the nerves that lead to the glans reduce its sensitivity permanently.

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Can You Last Longer In Bed WITHOUT Reducing Penile Sensitivity?

David, your Stamina Coach

Yes. You don't need to desentisize your glans to last longer in bed. 

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1. Make your glans less sensitive with delaying agents

Demonstration of using a numbing spray to decrease sensitivity and delay orgasm.

The quickest way to reduce the sensitivity of the glans is to use delay sprays, wipes, creams or condoms that have lidocaine, prilocaine or benzocaine as the active ingredient.

Lidocaine, prilocaine and benzocaine are local anesthetics and have a numbing effect on the penis so that you "feel nothing" and can last longer.

To desensitize the glans, apply the cream or spray on the glans and foreskin 10-15 minutes before sex, then wash it off and you can have sex.

As soon as the numbing effect sets in, you have a 30-40 minutes window in which you can last a little longer.

However, most guys with PE stop the using delay agents due to their unavoidable disadvantages ❌:

  • Penis feels frozen πŸ₯Ά. Unpleasant feeling. It feels as if you suddenly have no penis.
  • You have to plan sex precisely πŸ—“. You have to apply 15 minutes before sex and "use the time window" immediately, because otherwise the effect is gone after 30-40 minutes. But what if she wants to suck you off spontaneously or you want to take her in the kitchen on the spur of the moment? Do you then run into the bathroom, apply the stuff, wait 15 minutes for it to take effect and then come back?
  • Erection problems 🍌. If the penis feels "frozen" and you can't feel anything, then maintaining your erection becomes a challenge. Once you lose it, it's not coming back. So you'll have to wait until the effect wears off to get your erection back. But then the delaying effect is also gone. So, yeah...
  • Hiding 🫣. You either have to do everything hidden in the bathroom (and refuse to have sex for 15 minutes) or you have to answer awkward questions: "what is that funny smelling stuff? and why are you using it?"

Therefore, delay agents - good idea, but absolutely impractical. From me - no recommendation.

2. Reduce glans sensitivity through circumcision

The second way to reduce sensitivity in the penis is to have a radical circumcision with the removal of the foreskin and frenulum at the same time.

I have reported about this in detail in this article: 5 surgical procedures to stop premature ejaculation.

But here's a short summary:  The sensitive parts of the foreskin and the frenulum are completely removed, exposed glans rubs against underwear, toughens up, and loses sensitivity.

This type of circumcision is called "Low & Tight". This is the most "radical" form of circumcision, where you really lose as much sensitivity as technically possible. Any other type of circumcision will keep your sensitivity.

The good news is that hygiene becomes much easier.

The bad news is - you won't suddenly last as long as male porn stars just because you did the circumcision. Your stamina will almost certainly remain the same as before.

Both my own experience and countless studies have shown that circumcised men last only 1-2 minutes longer during sex than uncircumcised men. 1Yang et al., Circumcision does not have effect on premature ejaculation: A systematic review and meta-analysis. PubMed

Therefore - circumcision - good for hygiene, useless for stamina.  From me - no recommendation ❌.

Other types of circumcision (retaining the sensitivity):

Wanna Learn How To Last Longer In Bed WITHOUT Making Your Glans Less Sensitive?

David, your Stamina Coach

You don't need to desentisize your glans to last longer in bed. 

Here's my recommendation: just book a free consultation call with me and I'll show how you can last 10-60 minutes longer in bed - even with a highly sensitive penis.

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3. Permanently desensitize the glans by cutting the nerves leading to it

The third way to make the glans less sensitive is to have the so called denervation surgery (also known as selective dorsal nerve neurectomy).

With this surgery, nerves leading to the tip of the penis are cut, making it permanently insensitive.

And according to studies , you can then last about 2 minutes longer during intercourse 2 G.‐X. Zhang et al. Selective resection of dorsal nerves of penis for premature ejaculation link

The problem with this surgery is that if too many nerves are cut, you’ll lose all sensitivity and may suffer from sudden erectile dysfunction, like many men do who tried this.

Whereas if too few nerves are severed , you’ll have a slightly reduced sensitivity, but still the same short stamina as before

I also had this surgery many years ago, it didn’t work at all, it was pointless, and I don’t recommend it. 

So as you see making the glans less sensitive does NOT make you last longer in bed and you may get erectile dysfunction very easily. 

But what can YOU do if you still want to last longer in bed? Here's my recommendation: If you want to last longer in bed without losing your erection and without going under the knife, then

Just follow the 5 simple steps of my Lover Stamina System and you'll be able to last drastically longer in bed - naturally.

Sex positions for men with a sensitive glans

If a hypersensitive glans seems to be your main problem, then try using sex positions which don't overstimulate your penis.

The 3 main positions you can use to last longer with a sensitive penis are:

  • Cowgirl 2.0 - instead of letting your girl riding up and down, you let her grind you. This way she can rub her clit on your pelvic bone and climax, yet you feel less and last longer.
  • Doggystyle 2.0 - instead of thrusting "fully in - fully out", you penetrate deeply but then just pull out by 3-4 cm, after which you go back inside. It feels intense, yet your glans feels less.
  • Deep Impact or the "Open Butterfly" position - she lies on her back and spreads her legs while sit or squat in front of her and penetrate her. By controlling the angle of her legs (more closed or more opened) you regulate the intensity which your penis gets, thus controlling your arousal build up.

You're probably better off reading this article, where I've covered this topic in detail and illustrated with pictures: sex positions to last longer in bed.

My story with reducing glans sensitivity


Delaying agents - pleasure killers, too inconvenient and not very effective. Circumcision and denervation together gave me a maximum of 2 minutes more. I later found a better solution (see below).

Many years ago, I also thought that I had an oversensitive glans and wanted to make it less sensitive so that I could last longer in sex.That's why I tried EVERYTHING: first delaying agents, then circumcision and then denervation.

But it didn't help.

The delaying agents were OK for masturbation, but they were a complete pleasure killer during sex because 1) you easily lose your erection with a frozen penis, 2) you have to plan sex precisely and 3) you have to answer uncomfortable questions. Plus, the stuff is nasty on your hands and tastes and smells disgusting.

There are much better ways to last longer.

My clients also tell me that they tried delay sprays and creams and quickly realized that they are not the solution.

Circumcision didn't help me much either. Hopes were high, but the result was only 1-2 minutes longer at best. And secondly - after circumcision you just feel much less during a blowjob, it's simply less fun than back then with the foreskin.

So after circumcision didn't help, I was 100% convinced that denervation would cure my lifelong premature ejaculation back then. But the result was similar to that of many others: significantly reduced sensitivity, BUT only 1-2 minutes more at most.

So out of all these glans desensitizing methods, I can only recommend circumcision. Just not because you can then last longer with it (you can't), but because the hygiene is much simpler, if that's what your goal is.

Penis desensitization is useless ❌ and what you should do instead βœ… to last longer in sex

So, as you can see, reducing the sensitivity of the glans doesn't help in the slightest - you will still orgasm prematurely.

Delaying agents aren't a solution either, because with a frozen penis you can easily lose your erection, have to plan sex perfectly and have to answer awkward questions if she finds out. The stuff is also unpleasant on the hands and tastes disgusting.

But there is a much better way to last longer in bed. I have developed a system to last longer in bed without sprays, without creams and without dangerous operations.

The system consists of 5 simple steps and I've been teaching men how to last 10-60 minutes longer in bed for 10+ years. If you're interested, you can find out more here: Lover Stamina 5 steps that will force you to last 20-60 minutes longer in bed.

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How To Make Your Glans Less Sensitive To Last Longer In Bed

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