3 Sex Positions To Last Longer And Make HER Orgasm Quicker

Some positions are so incredibly hot that it's hard to resist orgasm as a man. On the other hand, there are positions that let you last longer even if you normally ejaculate prematurely.

And that's exactly what I'll teach you in this blog post.

I've been teaching men with premature ejaculation how to last longer in bed for 10+ years and today I'm going to tell you the 3 most effective positions you can use to last longer with your sex-date and also make her orgasm quickest.

#1 Cow Girl 2.0 (special edition)

So in what position can you last the longest?

Everyone knows it: it's the good old cow girl position. But if you change it up slightly, you can last even longer the regular one. Enter the Cow Girl Position 2.0

(By the way, I've listed a whole range of last longer tricks used by porn stars here, check it out too.)

Cow Girl 2.0

The trick for longer lasting fun is to get your girl not to ride "up and down" ❌ on you as usual - but "back and forth" 👍, as if she were sliding back and forth on you while you are inside her. 

It's best to use your hands to guide her through this back and forth movement ↔️:

When done right, the rider position 2.0 allows you to last the longest in sex.

Your penis is being significantly less stimulated during the "back-and-forth" movement of your partner than during the normal "up-and-down" movement, so you can last much longer.

Less friction, less stimulation, more stamina.

The nice thing about this relatively new position is also that most women can cum quickly because they rub their clitoris against your pubic bone at the same time as moving back and forth.

#2 Doggy-Style 2.0

When done right, the doggy 2.0 position is one of the best to delay ejaculation.

The doggy style position is one of the most popular positions there is. But if you want to be able to last longer during doggy sex, you need to know a trick (see below).

Women love the doggy position because it gives them the feeling of being taken animalistically by a strong man who also likes to pull her by the hair and virtually doesn't allow her to escape. Primal instincts run strong and women enjoy it.

Men love the doggy position because we can enjoy the hot view. Unfortunately though most men don't last long enough in this position.

So how do you last longer in doggy and avoid premature ejaculation? Enter Doggystyle 2.0:

Doggy Style Position 2.0

To be able to go longer in from behind, you simply penetrate as deep as you can, after which you pull the penis out 3 to 5 cm max while thrusting. Then slide in fully, then pull out 3-5 cm again and repeat.

It works simply because the inner, deeper area of the vagina is less tight than the entrance.

If you penetrate all the way in, the sensitive glans is in the deeper and less tight vaginal area. And if you then only pull out 3-5 cm and then slide back in fully, you will always remain in this less stimulating zone.

Pro-tip: let her use her fingers or a vibrator to stimulate her clitoris while you give it to her from behind. This way she will cum very quickly.

#3 Deep Impact or "Open Butterfly" Position

This position is not only sexy, it also lets you last longer.

The third position for long-lasting fun is the deep-impact or the "open butterfly" position.

This position allows you to penetrate really deeply and still thrust for a long time without cumming.

The penetration angle in the deep impact position is very favorable for men with premature ejaculation: the sensitive parts of the foreskin and the frenulum are stimulated only slightly, so your arousal increases slowly and you can last longer.

Here are the exact steps you need to follow to delay ejaculation in the deep impact position:

  1. Your partner lies on her back and spreads her legs at a 90° angle as shown in the picture above.
  2. Alternatively, you can place a pillow under her bottom.
  3. You sit/squat in front of her as shown in the picture and penetrate her

You regulate the intensity of the stimulation by spreading her legs further apart or bringing them closer together.

Use your hands to hold her legs and regulate how wide they are spread to control the stimulation you get. The closer the legs are together, the tighter the vagina and the more stimulation and less stamina. The further apart, the less tight the vagina, the less stimulation for you and the more stamina you'll have.

Here is a variation of the deep impact position:

Add Reverse Kegels to these positions to last even longer

You can gain even more control over your ejaculation if you add the reverse kegels technique while using the sex positions described above.

All you need to do is to relax your pelvic floor muscles while thrusting.

If you're not familiar with pelvic floor techniques for delaying ejaculation, then read this article: exercises for premature ejaculation.

There I explain which exercises for PE are a waste of time and which really work (nr. 5). 

Switch between sex positions

This one should be obvious, but let me say it explicitly - it's OK to slow down and it's OK to switch between these positions when you feel your arousal is going near 8 or 9 out of 10.

So monitor carefully your own arousal while thrusting, slow down if needed, pull out if needed - and change to a less exciting position to extend the overall sex duration.

This way you can get your girl worked up before you enter the final position, which I'll be talking about in the next chapter.

How to Choose the FINAL Position (Before You Climax)

Everyone has his own sexual preferences and positions which turn you own the most. For me personally, the least exciting sex position is anything with woman on top.

So obviously you can play around with less exciting positions to delay your ejaculation.

But when it comes to choosing your FINAL sex position, the determining factor is in which position your PARTNER can orgasm quickest.

Girls are different - some cum easier while on top, others in doggy style, others in missionary. And in many cases your girl will need some additional clitoral stimulation in order to get off. 

So the final position should be the one where she can orgasm quickest.

Find such a position and use it for the final one. This is where you don't hold back anymore, instead you just "give it to her", while she is stimulating her clitoris, and pound away until you climax. This will make her even more excited and very often you two will be able to climax together simultaneously.

But how do you know in which position she can orgasm quickest?

You simply ask her. Or, if she doesn't know yet, then you experiment with different positions.

Make sure she is stimulating her clit during penetration (with fingers or a vibrator) or do it yourself, to facilitate her orgasm.

In doggy style you can stimulate her clit with your middle and ring fingers (while thrusting from behind and using your free hand). In the cowgirl-grinding position (see above) you can use your thumb on her clitoris. 

It works extremely well with most girls, try it out.

Avoid these positions

If your goal is to keep control over your ejaculation and keep your erection at its maximum, then follow this advice:

turtle sex position

1. Avoid any sex position that feels uncomfortable to you (unless it's the only position that gets your partner off), because this is the quickest way to lose your erection. For me such positions are: 1) spooning, 2) doggystyle where she rounds her back instead of arching it or 3) the turtle position (uncomfortable because of the penetration angle).

2. Avoid sex positions that are just too exciting sexually for you, while not bringing her closer to orgasm. For many men such a position would be the prone-bone position where the man is on top. Don't worry, you can use that positions later, after she climaxed.

Learn How To Last longer in any position

The tips above and the 3 positions are highly effective and should give you some immediate help to help you last longer next time you have sex.

But you will only enjoy really hot sex when you learn to last longer without all these tricks. About 25 to 30% of all men orgasm too quickly and are very limited in their choice of sex positions.

That's why I've developed a simple 5 Step Process that any man can use to start lasting 20-60 longer in bed. The Lover Stamina system has now been perfected with hundreds of users and works without any aids, numbing agents or pills.

I've designed the system so that anyone who ejaculates too quickly can simply follow the 5 Steps and Booom, you last 20-60 minutes longer - in any position.

If you also want to enjoy such freedom in sex, then click the button below to book your free consultation call with me:

See you in class!

- David


About 30% of all men suffer from premature ejaculation. That's why I've developed a simple 5 Step Process that helps you last longer and give your partner the best sex of her live. If you're interested in 1-1 Coaching with me, then click this link and find out more.

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