How Do Male Pornstars Last So Long in Bed? (16 Secrets)

If you've ever wondered how male porn stars can have sex for hours without cumming, then today you're going to learn the 3 main reasons how they do it.

I'll also share 16 last longer tricks from porn stars like Johnny Sins (pictured above), Peter North, Dick Chibbles and Ryan Driller that you can easily adopt.

3 Reasons Why Male Porn Actors Seem To Have GODLY Endurance In Sex

... and always have a perfect erection:

#1 - Genetics, perfect equipment by nature

In the adult industry only those men are selected who by nature have above average size, ejaculation volume and above average stamina.

By nature, not because they had to do something for it.

Those who don’t have it by nature - don't even get into the porn business. You never see them. 

#2 - Drugs and ED medication

It’s no secret that porn stars like to take drugs on sets. Many of these drugs increase stamina and Viagra provides stable erection (like Cocaine). 

Most new porn stars are open about it. The porn actor's job is stressful, so you can understand them.

The only ones who don't take ED drugs are veterans like Rocco Siffredi or Pierre Woodman.

Everyone else takes Cialis, Viagra or Caverject.

#3 - Heavy editing

What looks like 5 minutes in porn often takes several hours to shoot. And what looks like uninterrupted sex is in reality a combination of several shots with breaks in between.

Of course, porn stars also have their own personal tricks how to delay orgasm if they come too close to it, here they are:

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16 Tricks used by porn stars to last longer on sets

IMPORTANT: all of the following tips come from "well gifted" men who were capable of lasting long in sex BY NATURE and NOT from men who lasted only 2 minutes or less all their lives.

That's why these tips are rather helpful for a very mild form of premature ejaculation.

But if you're a hardcore premature ejaculator and you've always lasted only 1-4 minutes in bed no matter what you tried, then you'll have much better success with my 5 Steps Lover Stamina System. If you are interested in 1-1 coaching with me, then book your free consultation call here.


Long foreplay for longer sex (Johnny Sins)

Johnny Sins

Before entering, do at least 10-minutes of hot foreplay and really get your partner worked up. After that she will have her orgasm quicker, so you don't even have to last as long. 


"Take care of your partner first and have a long foreplay! You can extend sex both at the beginning and in between with foreplay or "interlude".  If you devote 5-10-15 minutes to foreplay and get your partner really worked up, it will be easier for her to orgasm - even if you don't last that long. And if you come too early during sex, you can simply extend it by incorporating sex toys, fingering, squirting or giving her oral sex."

In fact, for most women, vaginal sex is the least likely way to orgasm - no matter how long you last. 70% of women need direct stimulation of the clitoris in addition to penetration in order to climax.


The Deep-Stop Technique

Another trick by Johnny Sins is to penetrate deeply and stop thrusting for 10-15 seconds until the urge to ejaculate is gone.

In this time you can make out with your partner, kiss her neck, and when the urge to ejaculate is gone, continue with the stroking.

"It's important to make sure she doesn't move, otherwise you'll definitely orgasm because it will feel too good."


The Pull Out Method (coitus interruptus)

If deep penetration is too stimulating, Johnny recommends the pull out method. You just pull out and do something else like kissing or going down on her, until you cooled off and can penetrate again.

" During this time, you can lick her, finger her or do whatever you want so that you don't have to interrupt sex during your 10-30 second break."


Last Longer With Condoms

Johnny Sins recommends that anyone who wants to last longer during sex should use thick condoms. E.g. Billy Boy condoms with wall thickness 0.07-0.1 mm This way you will simply feel less.

Also, you can use condoms with a numbing 5% benzocaine gel on the inside or combine them with delay sprays or wipes. This however is then likely to give you unexpected erection problems, beware.


Mental distraction in the first minute 

According to Johnny, the first minute during sex is critically important.

If you can manage to withhold orgasm in this first critical minute, then lasting longer becomes easier.

And the best tool that Johnny uses to get through the first minute is mental distraction. For example, he thinks about baseball statistics.

"It's entirely up to you what you want to think about to delay your orgasm - your grandma in the room, baseball stats, or you can just do math problems in your head, whatever works for you. I have to admit, I still use this technique a lot in my scenes to this day."


Pills that make you last longer in bed

Priligy - Dapoxetine - the last longer drug with strong side effects...

Johnny Sins has a firm opinion on medication for premature ejaculation - it should be avoided at all costs. Johnny:

"I personally have never used medication like antidepressants to be able to last longer. And I wouldn't generally recommend anything that you need a prescription for because it's unnatural.

If there's absolutely no other way, then you can get a prescription for pills to make you last longer. But try to avoid it as much as possible. Just think, if it makes your penis less sensitive, then it desensitizes your whole body."

The only approved pill to help men last longer during sex is Priligy.

With the help of this pill, you can have sex for 3-5 minutes longer. However, this pill is not recommended because the side effects can destroy all desire for sex (headaches, discomfort, nausea, dizziness, fainting).


The Pain Technique

This particular longer lasting technique is too extreme even for Johnny Sins. The pain method.

The idea is simply to inflict pain on yourself during sex as soon as you realize you're getting close to orgasm.

"I've seen guys do all sorts of things when they're about to orgasm. I've seen guys punch themselves in the face or stomach or inflict physical pain in other ways to prolong sex."


Johnny's Squeeze Technique

The classic squeeze method is not new and not particularly effective, but Johnny Sins uses it in a slightly different way to boost his stamina during sex:

"Another stamina prolonging method you can use is the squeeze method: you simply squeeze the penis at the base of the penis or just below the glans, depending on what works best for you.
I do this when I feel like I've gone a bit too far with my thrusting. You just grab it really quickly by the root and squeeze it. Sometimes you can fight off your orgasm that way, sometimes it's too late, but just try it out and find out for yourself."


Edging - Masturbating On The Brink of Orgasm

Another thing that Johnny Sinns and Peter North recommend is masturbating on the brink of orgasm,

… and thus training to last longer.

You masturbate until just before orgasm, stop, let the excitement subside and then continue.

Peter North

""One training method I used to use when I was younger is edging. When I masturbated, I always masturbated to the point where I almost had an orgasm, but then I just suddenly 'let go'. And then continued straight away after a short break. So masturbate until just before orgasm - let go - masturbate - let go. And I think that's how I was able to train myself to have a bit of control."

Johnny Sins

"When you masturbate, you just do your thing and as soon as you feel your orgasm building up, you just stop just before it happens. Then just let your arousal subside gently until the urge to ejaculate is over. And then just repeat this over and over again.

I did this pretty much my whole life growing up when I masturbated and learned to control my orgasms that way."

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Dirty Talk To Last Longer In Bed

Peter North reveals another very creative method of how he manages to last longer during sex: Talking dirty to distract himself.

Peter North

"What I like to do when I feel I might lose control of the orgasm is TALK. Dirty talk.

When I see that she's close to orgasm, I find it harder and harder to hold back... And that's why I just tell her "baby, don't come yet, not yet, hold back a little longer".... And as soon as I say that, it distracts me from my own sensations and I can control my orgasm again."


Use More Lubricant

Porn star Ryan Driller (13 years in Porn biz) always uses a lot of lubricant to reduce stimulation and last longer than usual.

However, you have to use the right lubricant, otherwise it might accelerate your ejaculation.

Ryan Driller

"We often use a lot of lube on set because we simply fuck for much longer than the average person. Too much lube can act as a buffer and a kind of anaesthetic. Not like a real numbing anesthetic, but more like a glove. The advantage is that you can last longer during sex."


The Testicle Pulling Technique

Dick Chibbles

The next trick comes from Dick Chibbles, he recommends pulling the scrotum down a little when you feel that you’re getting too close to orgasm.

"When I feel that I might be about to cum, I pull my scrotum down a little. The testicles are initially far away from the body during sex, but the closer you get to ejaculation, the closer they move to the body. However, if I then pull them down and stretch them, I can last longer again. "

I gotta be honest - I've never tried this trick personally. Because - there are so much better ways to last longer in bed.

The thing is.

All these tricks are good, but for you - they’ll probably be useless. Just as most of the widely recommended exercises for premature ejaculation will be.

They all come from men who naturally last long in bed and who actually never had real problems with premature ejaculation. Let’s be honest.

All these well-meant tips and tricks will only help, if you have a very mild form of premature ejaculation. For example if you sometimes last less than 10 minutes.

But if you’re a hardcore premature ejaculator with the average lasting time of 1-4 minutes, these tips won't really help you.

In this case you’ll have much greater success if you just follow through with the 5 simple steps of my Lover Stamina system. Because these literally force you to last longer during sex.


A Breathing Technique To Delay Ejaculation

Breathing also helps Dick Chibbles to last longer during sex:

"Over the years, I've developed a breathing technique to stay focused while desensitizing my penis. The trick is to focus my attention on the sound of my breathing. The increased oxygen supply also makes my erection harder and gives me better control over my body."


Bite !

Porn actor Aaron Thompson with the nickname "Small Hands" distracts himself in a different way: he bites! Here's how:

Aaron Thompson aka. "Small Hands"

"The first thing I do when I feel like I'm going to cum too soon is find a place to hide my face and just bite my cheek or finger. Hard. Really hard. Usually the pain will weaken my erection a bit, but I can last a bit longer again."


Think of boring places

Logan Pierce

The bisexual adult star Logan Pierce distracts himself in a similar way - by thinking of boring places or describing his surroundings in his head, for example, "this couch is totally uncomfortable. We should change the position. The windows should be cleaned." etc.


Change the position!

Every time you feel like you're about to come, Kelly Madison recommends changing the position.

Kelly Madison

"If you are really feeling like you are going to pop, switch it up. Don’t stay too long in a position that feels the best to you, save that for last. You don’t need to do it 20 times, just change it up a few times and pleasure her orally in between, and she’ll think you are pro, not just delaying the inevitable."

The easiest position for lasting longer is btw the cow girl position. Read this article if you want to find out more: 3 best positions to last longer during sex

Ok, but will YOU also have more stamina during sex with these tips? Or is it just something that helps pornstars? 🤔

Unfortunately yes, you'll probably have little to none success with these well meant tips from pornstars if you're a true premature ejaculator.

Don't get me wrong, all those tips are nice, but...

The problem with these porn stars' tips, however, is that they only work for men with a relatively mild form of premature ejaculation.

In other words, they work for men who come too quickly "every now and then" and last an average of 5-10 minutes.

However, if you are a man with real incurable lifelong (primary) premature ejaculation and your average stamina is 2 minutes or less - then these well-intentioned tips will have little effect on you.

What you need to get your 20-60 minute stamina during sex is a system that is specialized for YOU.

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- David


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